Many people go through creating this long speech about confidentiality and how they will not breach it. Spend thousands of dollars, giving it to a lawyer to add more and more paragraphs. In the end, all of that is useless.

You see, for any confidentiality agreement to be effective, the person signing it must be of a moral and character to uphold it. To honor what the spirit of the deal is all about.

If you truly believe and trust the person, then there is no need for an extended agreement. Your consigliere will never divulge anything to anyone. It’s part of who this person is.

It is what makes me who I am.

At the heart of it, it does not matter what you do or what anyone says. I will never divulge anything to anyone about anything.

So I won’t say “trust me” I will say “try me.” its the only way to know.