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There is one question that I ask frequently and – nine times out of ten – I get a bullshit answer.

The question is, why?

Why do you want to grow? Why do you want to expand? Can you believe that most don’t know why? I mean they think they do, but deep down they don’t. Some say money? Others, market share? They can answer any one of about 100 reasons why. But most don’t know really know why.

The decision to expand is a lot more complicated than many think. The reason that you want to grow and develop will dictate, how you do it. it will determine the resources will you need? And IF you really should be expanding.

If you are expanding to gain market cap it is different than if you are growing to increase revenue and profit. The reason to increase market cap is very different from a desire to expand to raise brand awareness or increase market share.

Most CEOS haven’t even considered the unintended consequences of growing their business. Have YOU thought about the unintended consequences of different types of growth?

I promise you each one is different. They may complement each other; they may support each other, but each reason has its strategy and go-to market. They are not the same. They need different resources.

Before you say, “hey, I want to expand thinking about the decision”, your advisor should be able to ask you the tough questions to drive down to the heart of your WHY? They have to drive home the strategy, the tactics and show you and advise you why.

Think about it. Why do YOU want to expand?

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