What does a winning team look like?

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There are a TON of information about teams and working with teams. Having a winning team. Hiring a winning team, etc. – the issue is these are all opinions and based on lots of personal brands and personal beliefs.

What I personally have found through out my career is it depends largely on what you are looking for at that time.

A- I feel that people who help you get to a specific point may not be the same individuals that will get you to the next step.

B- There is no “family” in business. Don’t get me wrong you can hire a family member but you must treat them as an employee and not like a family member, Which a lot of people fail to do.

C- I believe in hiring the right individual for character NOT just the individual technical ability. You see there are a lot of people with enormous talents and enormous capabilities. Do I EVER want to work with them? HECK NO!! We may not get along or they may be the wrong character to work with me. For me.

Overall it is so important to know to identify the characteristics of the individual NOT just the technical capabilities. Ask some questions such as what is the kind of person I want to work with. You will see that the “monkey brain” will automatically take you back to the “technical” capabilities of the individual rather than the mental and pernsality fo the individual you are looking for.

The one piece of advise I heard – and I keep giving – is DO NOT COMPROMISE. It will cost you so much in the long run.


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